Monday 26 November 2007


Yippee, I have finally had some of my stitching framed! Cost me an arm and a leg (as does all bespoke framing) but I'm very happy with it, so BIG thumbs up to Framecraft of Bolton for a job well done, I'll be taking some more in in the new year. K now has her door name plate (must take a pic of that), birth sampler and Row of Fairies up in her bedroom and she's very pleased. Bless her, she doesn't know what fairies are yet so she said it was "lots of girls". Big Girl Panties has also been framed and is ready to be parcelled up to go to Ireland after sitting on my shelves since, ooh, January - truly, I suck at delivering things on time.

The dowling has been cut for the weather station so that and the height chart WILL get finished next time I get the iron out; those are pretty big projects and will leave me with a nice amount of empty space in my UFO box...I am determined to get that empty asap but work on the Xmas Westie, pashmina and S&S party decorations have to come first. I have actually tidied my shelves properly now - K's arts and crafts gear now takes up an entire shelf! But it's certainly looking a lot better. Next year is going to be another WIPs and UFO year, I think - but I will allow myself at least one new kit out of the box, just for fun.

In other news A has a big project on - he has decided to make K a toy garage for xmas and has now cut out the MDF boards and pillars; there will be a photo to come, hopefully, but I am TOTALLY impressed with the design so far, it looks great and I think she'll get loads of fun out of it. My mission is to work out how to make petrol pumps for it...

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