Wednesday 3 January 2007

Put Your Big Girl Panties On And Deal With It

Why do I do this to myself...? "Big Girl Panties" is completed and just needs framing, but I've been agonising over whether my friend J will find it funny or depressing and I can't bear to hurt her feelings. Since I've not managed to catch up with her yet, I can't really assess how she is and whether she'll take it in the spirit it's intended, so I had a mad rummage through my stash last night and picked out another piece to do. It's still a bit borderline, being the "When I Am Old, I Shall Wear Purple" poem, but given that I've only got a fortnight to get it stitched and framed and a round robin to do as well, I figured that something with loads of quick backstitch might get finished in time. Rough estimate from what I managed last night suggests I need ten days for the lettering and I'll have to be firm with myself and use K's naps to do the cross-stitch flowers in rather than bumming around on the net or doing housework (oh, what a shame). Worse, the damn thing is FULL of French knots, which I absolutely despise and am thinking of substituting seed beads instead.

All this and I'm planning a relaunch of my Tarot Site by the first new moon of the year (ahahaha), which means designing and drawing some new spreads, redeveloping the front page (always my sticking point) and revising the new oracle I want to introduce...argh. Husband, I'll see you in February...

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