Thursday 20 December 2007

Been so busy!

And yet, I have no pictures...sorry.

Recently I have:

- Painted three Christmas Trees, two snowmen and a snowlady for my S&S party (which went down very well, pleased with that!)

- Embellished a purple pashmina for my mum's xmas present

- Completed the roof and three sides of the 3D-cross stitch Nutmeg Company house for the tree (I am a bit cross about this one because the threads supplied were nowhere near enough and given that I'm exceedingly conservative with thread, I'm cheesed off about it)

- Completed just over 1/3rd of the Xmas Westie for my sister's present (not going to get that finished, sadly - a week of flu for us all put paid to that)

- Designed two cross stitch stockings (tree ornaments, not big ones) which I hope will kick off a kit designing relationship with a wonderful Xmas site. I have ideas for another two but I don't think I'll get them down on screen tonight. I've bought all the threads and will be stitching them up once the Xmas Westie is done - so exciting!

- Watched in fascination as K's garage takes shape. A is taking progress pictures which I hope to put up soon.

Oh, and all my shopping is done, the gifts are wrapped, food is ordered for delivery, the meal is planned...I just need to grab a bottle of wine and make some peppermint creams and we're all set for Christmas!

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