This is not a blog, damnit. It's a collection of rambles, pictures and the creative splurge that comes out of my brain at inopportune moments, you know, like in the shower or at 4am, and which I have to run around after like some kind of maniac with a butterfly net to pin down. Sometimes I actually catch some of these ephemera and turn them into stuff - when they let me, that is. In the meantime I kludge and bodge other people's patterns until I catch another idea.

I like stuff. Better still, I like making stuff out of other stuff, old stuff, dead stuff; I like turning it round and round and upside down, sticking sparklies on it, making something fun or beautiful or useful out of something ugly, and best of all I like it when it doesn't cost much. Everybody needs gorgeous stuff - but why buy it when you can have all the fun of chasing it?