Tuesday 6 October 2009

Buttons On My Side

I had a lovely email this morning from Maxine of Tiny White Daisies to let me know that my button swap had been safely received, so now I can share what I've been making all this time. It's so nice to be able to show something off, finally! Lots of piccies coming up...

The complete package revealed - two brooches, a bracelet, a wrist cuff, a pyrographed box full of buttons, a handbound notebook and loads of sweeties!

Button bracelet - Maxine's favourite colours are soft pinks and blues; I love these mother-of-pearl type buttons which I found in Hobbycraft.
Strung on Stretch Magic so it should fit anyone!

Ribbon wrist cuff. Inspired by some DMC embroidery sets that I'd made about four years ago; the buttons I got from Debbie Cripps a couple of years back for a t-shirt design for K. As soon as I saw Maxine's colour preferences this idea popped into my head fully formed.

Crochet poppy brooch with vintage button centre. I'm really excited about this one particularly as I'll be launching a range of different colours in the shop shortly!

Glass beads mounted on vintage buttons to form a brooch. I'm disappointed by the photograph, it doesn't do the colours justice at all.

Hand-bound notebook - it's coptic bound with plain cream heavy paper and gold sparkly endsheets! The front is linen embroidered with buttons and Maxine's username.

Pyrographed birch box. I'd done this a while ago and put it to one side as I wasn't sure how to varnish it - turns out A had the right stuff all along. I thought it would make a great stash box for favourite buttons!

Button stash. Blogger is being very silly with this picture and insisting it must be turned 90 degrees, sorry. I hope you can spot the tiny white daisy buttons in there!

And that's it! I'm really pleased with how it came out overall. In the meantime K and I have been having a go at making our own (thanks to inspiration from Kitty Ballistic's brilliant Halloween buttons!) and we've made a huge heap of little daisy millefiori and some other bits and pieces. Will blog about those another time - right now I really must get on with the 80's Fantasy Film swap, because I've FINISHED all the cakes and suns I've been making for my fellow teachers! I really need to take a pic of the giant heap before it all gets packaged up, but you can see all the listings in the shop now at Seawood Designs. Creeping ever-closer to 100 sales - watch out for a giveaway to celebrate when that happens!


gtlady said...

All fab, but I love that button brooch idea, fabulous! And pyrography too, is there no end to your talents!

Bigbluebed said...

Ooh lots of lovely things. You ahve been creative.

Addison said...

oooh, a whole bunch of lovely things! I really love the box.

Shelley Weeks said...

Hi Caroline!!

Loving your blog!

I too am a button fan - and love to admire my collection - what do you think?