Friday 20 April 2007

Been a while

A combination of real life and Blogger being silly have meant I've not been able to get on here much recently. Work has also had to take a bit of a back seat - it is still going on, but I've spent more evenings chained to the PC than I have needle in hand over the last month or so. I miss it - I am absolutely itching to open a new kit from stash or to build one up from chart. I'm afraid I was very very naughty recently and bought some of the marvellous .pdf downloads from Stitch Direct - still, five huge charts (one is 20+ pages!) for under £20 isn't bad at all. I also have my eye on the gorgeous Heaven & Earth design Queen of Hearts, which again is a very nice price at just £10 for the chart...I will bide my time on that one, though, it may come down as time goes on.

I've almost finished Lindisfarne! It's been away with us for two weekends and now that the Sing & Sign term has started and all the initial admin is out of the way, I've been ploughing through it in the evenings again. I just have the top right part of the sky to do, which is rather dull but pretty quick. Should have that done in a few days really.

The Earth Goddess has also found Her way home - not quite complete and She will be the next thing I do once Lindisfarne is done, as it'll be a quick job just filling in where the thread ran out of the background colour, the globe at the top and a bit of the backstitch. I'm a bit miffed actually as I know I put a whole skein of Light Effects thread in and it's not been used, nor is it in the package. Hopefully it's just got mixed up in someone else's stash and I'll get it back - I wouldn't bother normally but it's a PITA to get hold of round here, I have to go all the way into Bolton.

After that it's back to hurting my thumbs on Meg and Mog - again, this is close to finished. Actually it's so close I might just do it before the Earth Goddess. Look out for a few "finishes" pictures in the next few weeks!

On a different crafting note I have at last aquired a decent sewing machine - though I've been so busy that I've had it almost three weeks without taking it out of the box! Ridiculous. It is a Singer 2808/2858 model, which I can't find listed at the Singer site itself but it's here anyway (and currently listed at £125, which makes me feel pretty darn good for getting it for more than £40 cheaper from the bizarre and amazing Price Drop TV in Hatfield, of all the godsforsaken places...). I should be able to make my mittens now (yeah - in Summer. I wouldn't be me if I wasn't doing something weirdass like that, now would I?).

Time to work to do tonight so it's needle time. :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the Queen of Hearts and Earth Goddess designs! I have been too busy lately to do anything myself lately though too.