Thursday 1 March 2007

An Embarrassment of WIPs

Part 2 of my thrilling "Stash" series!

Here's what I've got on the "back burner". Some of these have been on the back burner so long it's a wonder they haven't spontaneously combusted...

Alphabetically, then, here are my criminals:

Name: Abigail
Age: 11 years +
Reason for stopping: Got to the border and then realised in horror that there was nowhere near enough fabric to frame it. Actually there might be, given a sympathetic framer; or it could be used on a bag or something. Unfortunately I lost touch with the mother of the child it was for and the kid in question is probably 12 or more now! Anyone know an Abigail?

Name: Afghan
Age: 2 years, 1 month
Reason for stopping: I got as far as S and then K arrived; totally lost the flow of it, too hot to work on over summer, etc, etc excuses excuses. I'd like to finish it this year so I can make it into a wall-hanging.

Name: Bunnies Bath Time
Age: 11 years +
Reason for stopping: Started this the year I went to Germany and didn't take it with me; forgot all about cross-stitch for a few years and it languished at my parents' place for ages. It was originally going to be a gift for my sister. It's not all that far off finishing now, so if I get my finger out she might get it for her birthday...only ten years late!

Name: Chinese Characters
Age: 7 years +
Reason for stopping: It was meant to be a wedding gift and it took me so long to do one character (it's self-designed and with old-style metallic thread, not this whizzy new Light Effects stuff) that I just gave up and fabric-painted the characters onto a throw instead. Actually I think I might finish this one for myself after all - I did a good job with the design, looking at it, and as long as the LE threads don't look too different, the addition of some Thread Heaven, a frame rather than a crampy little hoop and a needle threader ought to speed it up no end. This character is Tranquillity, iirc.

Name: Chinese Dragon from Julie Hasler's Fantasy Cross Stitch
Age: 7 years +
Reason for stopping: Boredom, really. It's hard to work on black, and I didn't have a frame at the time. Now I have a lightbox and a lot more experience! I've done a bit more on it this year and hope to finish the back legs and tail off soon. It's supposed to be a wall-hanging but I think I'll frame it in the end.

Name: Geisha Girl
Age: 4 years +
Reason for stopping: Organising my wedding! Also I know I made a huge cock-up in the neckline of the kimono somewhere and I'm too scared to unpick. Which is a shame as it'll be awesome when it's finished. One day...

Name: Grey Cat
Age: ~2.5 years
Reason for stopping: Found out I was pregnant and started work on the afghan, completely abandoning this poor little fella. I have an orange cat in the same style to do as well, but I can't decide if he's "new kit stash" or WIP because they came in the same pack and should be framed together. Again, this one is very close to being done so it should get priority this year.

Name: Lindisfarne
Age: ~3-5 years
Reason for stopping: Again, I think the wedding organisation got in the way, but I never really got the rhythm of this one, which is a huge shame as it was a gift from my lovely MIL and she probably thinks I didn't like it cos it's not complete :( Not true, I really like it, it's just an odd size to work on and there are a lot of rapid colour changes as it's small but with a lot of detail. A bit more organisation of the threads and a Siesta frame in the right size and I should be able to whizz through it no problem. I'd love to get this done this year and am planning to take it on a long car trip at the end of the month.

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