Friday 26 March 2010

Out In The Garden...

...what do you see?




It's Jessie Cat!

Yep, it's that time again - I CAN Chatterbox Challenge, and it's happening in my Sing & Sign classes this week (I'm doing it a bit earlier than most because I wanted to make sure it was done before baby arrives!). The theme this year is Minibeasts And The Garden, so Jessie is going as a flower. I will be stealing K's butterfly wings - too tired to make myself much this year, unfortunately. I'll still look very silly as I'll also be borrowing her deedly-boppers!

I know everyone's been charity-mugged by all sorts of worthy causes lately but if you do have a quid or two to spare, please do consider donating to I CAN. They're such a wonderful charity; Sing & Sign raised over £7000 nationally last year and it means so much to us to help children with communication difficulties alongside giving all our familes such a great start in life.

This was a really quick and easy costume to make - strips of felt, folded over petal shapes, stitched togther and threaded with elastic to give a snug fit. I did work out a neat trick for threading the elastic through - put a pin through the elastic, stick the pin into the rubber on the end of of a pencil, and thread the pencil through the tube of fabric. Loads easier than fiddling with needles or safety pins, I must say!

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