Friday 29 January 2010

Zebra Stripes and Owl In Flight Week 4

Oh dear, really not been up to much recently, hence the lack of interesting updates (sorry). I've discovered the knack of being able to sit in front of the telly without actually doing anything, it seems...not good for the workload or the creativity. I feel very tapped-out at the moment, anyway - whilst discipline is good for the bank balance it doesn't do a lot for the creative mind. Still, I got the last of the biggest orders out of the way this week and will hopefully be able to rattle through the smaller ones by the end of February. Then I can go back to actually making stuff up! I've treated myself to a few new sewing books lately, and we took a trip to Hab-Fab last week (so much for trying to be Craft Neutral this year!) for some fabric scraps. K has a doll which needs dressing and we've been designing outfits for her in a sketchbook.

K and I have also been choosing the cross-stitches I'll be doing for Little Bump to match the ones I did for her: a birth sampler, a Bothy Threads "Row of..." and a name plate for the door when they eventually share a room. I'll be ordering those after our 20-wk scan next week. All very exciting!

I have sneakily managed to make a few more hairbands for the collection, but I'm struggling a little bit with the custom-fitting. I think it's mostly my carelessness/lack of concentration that's done it, but it does mean I have to rework two before I can write up the patterns for sale. Here's one I've completed and fits perfectly, though:

Striped, ribbon-threaded hairband on reluctant model

Top view of striped hairband - you can see the ribbon threading better in this shot

Now for the Owl In Flight. Here's last week's finishing point:

Week 3

And here's last night and this morning's work:

Week 4

That fence post looks really odd at the moment in this picture, but it does look better actually on the fabric, properly lit so that you can see the shading. My daylight bulb has gone so I'm not getting much good light, I'm afraid. I really didn't get as far as I'd hoped with it last night, so at some point if I'm not so knackered this week I might put in another evening or morning's work to catch me up so I can move to the next sheet next Thursday.

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Suzanne Vaughan said...

As I have said to you on Crafter...oo, you put me to shame! I need to start making time each day to stitch, as this is the only way I finish anything.