Friday 22 January 2010

Owl In Flight Week 3

Here's where I was up to last week:

Week 2 progress

And here's last night's efforts!

Week 3 progress

I have to admit to cheating a bit here. The tail part - no more than 1.5ins square, if that - has six colours and took me over 1.5hrs to do! So in order to finish off the sky parts that I wanted to do, I did a bit of extra stitching this morning. You can see in the image above that now all of the sky for this section is done; the missing parts are all part of the fence. I'm intending to do those next week and then move down to the next section the week after, which will be fairly boring, I think - it's mostly fence! Still, it's going quite well for just one night a week and overall I'm pleased with it. I've already decided where to hang it once it's done!

Not much other news this week - I've been slowly working on the commissions and have one more almost complete, just the tedious stitching together to do now. I also made K another new hairband; I'm considering making a set of patterns available for purchase if I can come up with a few more.

Anyway, we are playing host to Barnaby the Preschool Bear this weekend, so I'd better head off and entertain!


Jane said...

Great progress for one night. Should get quicker when there are less colour changes

Caroline said...

lol, that'll be pretty much never, looking at the pattern! The sky is six shades of blue...I've just worked out there's at least 120hrs worth of work in this piece, working at my current rate. :O