Sunday 31 January 2010

Flower Hair Band

New design - surface embroidery on this one!

And the ideas keep coming...! I spent a lot of Monday night fiddling with this and eventually frogged it all out and started again, ho hum. I do love cherry blossoms on a blue sky, though. Said hairband and K are now off to the park with Daddy to learn how to skip, since Little Bump was less than pleased last time I tried it!

Oh, mum, not another picture - I'm off to the park!

I now have two willing models to try out my custom-fit theory and once I've made sure that these do actually fit people other than K, I'll be listing the whole set of patterns in my Etsy shop, Seawood Designs. I'm not intending to actually make many of these - with Little Bump on the way I'm trying to slow down the amount of actual physical making of stuff at the moment - but you know, talk nicely to me and I might do a few custom orders before he/she arrives!

1 comment:

Gail said...

Lovely! We're doing some serious fringe growing out here so one of these would be perfect, might have to dust off those crochet hooks...