Saturday 16 January 2010

Bonus Bells

A long explanation for a small thing, this one. I really wasn't supposed to be doing any random, spur-of the-moment crafting, but did you really think I'd even make it a week without doing some?

K got one of those pop-up toy-in-a-cone things, a jester, from her preschool Xmas party. The stick promptly snapped twice and unfortunately there was no way to save it, so it was ready for the bin. At the last minute I snipped the bells off the jester - may as well save something useful. K picked them up and looked at them thoughtfully for a while, then said "I wish I could wear bells in my hair, mum." What a good idea, thought I. I could stitch them onto clips...but she doesn't wear them much at the moment. Ah, but she does like hairbands, I'm sure I've got a crochet pattern somewhere. I looked and didn't like the one I had, but I remembered that these and some other bells I had in stash would thread onto Pattons 100% cotton yarn. Last Summer I made myself a skirt trim with over 100 bells on it (yes, I was mad, yes, I drove A insane with the jingling, and yes, I've only worn it once so far).

So this simple hairband pattern was born:

The happy girl


And now, she shall have music wherever she goes. Apparently it was much admired at preschool! Since it's a custom-fit it does do the job rather well; I'm going to make some more in different colours but this time I think I'll make them a bit wider, and some stripy ones to go with her favourite tights. Watch this space, I'll probably write the patterns up for next week!


Jane said...

What a lovely idea, she looks really pleased with the results.

Caroline said...

lol, she hasn't stopped jingling since Thursday...I bet her preschool teachers *LOVED* me on Friday morning...!

Unknown said...

Aww thats so sweet! What a happy jingly bunny

Izabela said...

she looks very happy! great idea!

Gini said...

May I have a copy of the instructions for the headband. It's so cute.

Caroline said...

Watch this space - I'm working on several patterns at the moment which I'll be putting in the shop as a pack shortly, with a freebie on the blog! :)