Thursday 4 February 2010

These Feet Were Made For...

...scaring the hell out of me, sigh.

Whose feet are those?

I have a love-hate relationship with my sewing machine, a Singer 2808C. Some days, we get on great - everything flows smoothly and the final product is something I can be proud of (and evetually ends up in the shop or being worn!). More often than not, though, I approach it with bafflement and not a small amount of terror. In theory, I know why it does crazy things like bird's nesting, but it seems to happen randomly, so each sewing session is filled with trepidation.

One of the things that really puzzles me is "what on earth are these extra feet for?". They certainly aren't in the manual! I've studied Florence's Guide To Feet til I'm blue in the face and they just aren't there. I presume the one already attatched is a standard presser foot, but what on earth are these plastic ones for? Is that big flat one even a foot? I can't see where you'd attach it. And do I need to buy more? Zips and buttonholes terrify me and it's really holding me back from tackling projects I'd love to do, so it would make sense to help myself by having the right equipment. Having bought Bend-the-Rules Sewing and One-Yard Wonders recently (not to mention a heap of fabric scraps for making doll clothes), I'm itching to sew...but the fear, oh dear.

So, lovely readers, can you help a poor addled brain and set me on the track to actually making something which isn't just straight lines?


SteamPunkGlass said...

I wish I could help! I found electric machines the same, they are fast in a straight line, but I then spend 10minutes pulling thread out of it and trying to re-thread everything. It wasn't until I got an old 1922 singer treadle machine that I found a machine that didn't scare or annoy me to use!

Maybe youcan email the makers customer service and ask them?

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

sorry i can't help you but i totally sympathise - my sewing machine drives me nuts - sometimes it is great and does a perfect job others it has me swearing and boiling with rage followed by seam ripping and piles of tangled threads discarded on the floor!

aren't they supposed to save us time?
why do they hate us?


gtlady said...

Ok, without seeing them in the flesh, my thoughts are that the smaller one might be for machine embroidery, the set stitches so you can see them and line them up, and the other one looks a bit like you put it over the feeder teeth so you can do free machine embroidery. I could be completely wrong, but hope it helps a little!

Unknown said...

I always use a clear plastic foot to see where I'm going a bit better! Dunno its proper use though. I'm with gtlady on the other though- it looks like the plate I put over my feeder teeth when I play (badly) with machine embroidery.

I have a random bit to my sewing machine I have no idea what its for or where to attach it- very frustrating if i think about it ... however I've lived without it for this long ;o)