Friday 15 January 2010

Owl in Flight Week 2

Here's where I was up to last week:

And here's last night's progress:

Hopefully you can see that I've now completed the full length of the owl's wing and added in more of the sky to the right. That's as far as I can stitch on the right, I'm to the edge of that page now and it's a full 17cms wide. The large gap under that piece of sky there is for a fence post - I think I'm probably going to complete the rest of the sky next session and then add in the fence post and owl's tail the week after that. Then that'll be a one pattern piece completed (1 of 6!). I know it's not all that exciting at the moment but I think it'll be quite interesting to see the fence post coming in next time.

As for the rest of the week, I have been a diligent girl and worked hard on the commissions - I'm pacing myself and trying not to get too frustrated with it; no getting away from the fact that when you've made something 300+ times, it's going to get fairly dull to make it again! I even had a night off everything on Wednesday as I was shattered after three classes and having to dig the car out of the ice. It really has been awful here - this morning it's raining, making the ice even worse, and the streets are really frightening to walk along. If Little Bump and I get through this without injury I'll be very surprised.

Still, you know. Ice is not an earthquake. My lovely friend Laura posted the following link on Facebook this morning Pennies Per Hour Of Pleasure, which is a charity knitting site in aid of Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders). They of course are doing a lot for Haiti right now and are a fantastic cause. Sadly there are no crochet patterns, but if you're a knitter (and this is the kind of thing that might drive me to be!), get along there, make a donation and get one of their lovely sock, hat or scarf patterns.

And no, I didn't manage a week with no random crafting. K has worn her latest request to preschool, but I'll try and get a piccy later.


Craft Matters said...

Good progress! What are you going to do with it when it's done? Thanks for the MSF tip - will try and knit something...

Caroline said...

Oh, this will definitely be framed, it's so big - it'll probably go in our room, I think. I already have the moon I painted in acrylics in there so it would fit well (and give me an excuse to get some nice new blue bedding, maybe repaint, make it nice and snoozy!).

There are some great patterns, aren't there! I loved the cobwebby scarf, well beyond my reach at the moment.