Monday 15 June 2009

A Big Heap of Sunshine

Sadly not outside, but on the windowledge - some of the Mr Suns I've been busy making for the last week or so which are now on Etsy awaiting their new homes. I've had a really hectic week socially - out three nights (saw A Midsummer Night's Dream and Bill Bailey, both at The Lowry, very funny indeed!), parents' evening for K going up to her new class in September, and a whole pile of things to do (not least the ironing, oh my god. I hate Summer, so much cotton!).

So it's no wonder I'm panicking a little to get a number of projects finished off - I need to do a little Fimo modelling before Saturday, finish some baby shoes before Thursday and another Mr Sun tonight, as well as get my head around what stash I've got for the Span's Stitchin' Granny Square Swap. Oh, and everything else as well, more cakes, more suns, that lovely baby cardigan I can't wait to get started on, another dragon...I *have* to get this queue down somehow!

1 comment:

Gone to Earth said...

I can hear the mounting stress..... but really those flowers are gorgeous!