Tuesday 2 June 2009

Shirking and Skirting

I have a TON of crochet to be doing. Seven Mr Suns, a pile of cakes, some baby shoes, three rabbits, a dragon and a baby cardigan all have to be done in the next month or so. So firstly I ask you: why have I joined the Granny Square Swap at Spans' Stitchin' (ok, I know the answer - because Ali from Craft Matters talked me into it in about two seconds flat)? I'm really looking forward to it, actually. I know Ali gets a lot out of swapping and I've never done one before (other than the round robin x-stitch that went so sour a couple of years ago, this is a bit different, though). I love the idea of having something someone's worked hard on, and that my work will be out there being enjoyed in return.

So yes, a lot of crochet to be doing. Which explains why I spent the afternoon at the sewing machine, doesn't it!

I've been carting this piece of fabric around since we lived in Manchester - so almost ten years now - with the idea of making a wrap skirt. I even bought the ribbons at the same time, all from Abakahn Fabrics. It's so lovely and light and flows beautifully; dark enough to satisfy my sensibilities but still with a pretty pattern. Apologies for the poor lighting, I'll try and get some outdoor shots soon.

I used the rough idea of the Sindy skirt from Eithne Farry's Yeah, I Made it Myself, but I used a folded piece of the same fabric as the waistband rather than a heavier piece of something different, as the book recommends. I've fastened it just with a couple of hooks and eyes, and this double ribbon arrangement to keep it all together. There are two pairs of ribbons - you can just about make out the double bow below; I generally plan to wear something over the top of this skirt so it will also form a plain flat knot quite nicely.

I've been meaning to photograph this bolero top for ages as well - I actually made it almost exactly a year ago last summer and will probably wear it again in a couple of weeks for the same birthday party it was finished for back then!

Bonus picture. My cat, Ash, just can't resist getting in on the act...

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Hannah said...

Thank you so much for blogging the swap, that skirt is lovely :)