Monday 8 December 2008

So tired

I am completely knackered, but the end is in sight, with any luck. I pulled a very late night last night to get a big order out, which left me with three hours' sleep before K rocketed in and quite a satisfied feeling, but I'm more than aware that I've still got five orders to finish before Christmas and another two to go out as soon as possible after that. I have a leaflet next to me with the last posting dates in it, which fills me with so much dread that I can't bear to open it and check if I still have time next week. Not only do I have these orders to complete but I need to finish planning the end of term party for Saturday - thankfully I still have all the artwork from last year, but it needs checking over. Oh, and a small grumpy child with a very runny nose whose presents aren't all quite wrapped yet. I don't even want to think about planning Christmas dinner even for just three of us!

Speaking of Saturday, I have treble-booked myself with the party, a mummies' lunch meet and a rematch of the night out called off by manflu a few weeks ago. That's one reason I'm trying to get all this done as quickly as possible, because I fully intend to spend Friday evening post-pizza lounging in the bath and Saturday letting my hair not only down but wild and crazy too. Chatting to my friend Kerry on Friday I realised that I haven't done a single stitch of any of my own craftwork for at least eight weeks, so it's no wonder it's all getting a bit much. I am absolutely thrilled with how successful the shop has been - I hit 40 sales today! but good heavens, I promise to be better stocked up next Christmas. I worked out last night that between Seawood Designs and Sing & Sign I'm doing the equivalent of a 35hr week on top of full-time childcare. The next person who tells me that work-at-home-mums have it easy is going to get punched.

Oh, can anyone please explain why today I promised K's preschool a dozen cakes for their play kitchen after Christmas - and I'm actually excited about this because I'm going to use the new yarn colours to do them? Just shoot me now...

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Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

You've done so well! Nearly there xx
I've done my share of all nighters lol...I'm not envious at all!!
Yay at how sucessful your shop has been!!!