Sunday 14 December 2008


Very cool - Rathina from the Etsy Goon Squad scored a Treasury here and one of my Art Rolls is in it! Really nice selection too, all reds for Christmas. Cheers!

I also need to do a mention for the lovely Ali from Craft Matters - who I actually met in the flesh yesterday, hurrah! We've exchanged a set of her pretty hairclips (a present for K) for one of my Art Rolls - pictures here on her blog. Very lazy of me just to link, I know, but it's time to make lunch. I'm having a very laid-back day today after yesterday's party/party/party and am just going to finish off a friend's gift for her dh tonight. Other than that, no plans beyond eating and playing trains. Sounds like a good day off to me!

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Ann-Marie Dewhurst said...

Wow... I love him!!! You're sooooo clever xxxx