Thursday 4 December 2008

Restocking again tonight...

Just restocking art rolls now, lots of new fabrics - flowery, checks, stripes, all sorts - get your stocking fillers sorted out now! This is the last restock I'm going to do before Christmas as I'm still snowed under (literally!) with cakes, which are almost all in the finishing stages, thank goodness. Don't forget if you're overseas the last posting dates are VERY close now - my post office says tomorrow but the Royal Mail website suggests next week some time.

I'm not accepting any more Christmas custom orders for anything from today onwards, I don't think, as I'm absolutely knackered, but you can get orders in for January birthdays now if you want. I've managed to source peach, lilac and mint green yarn for cake-cups as well as the blue/pink/yellow I've been doing and will be making up rainbow batches for listing in the New Year. Also the mince pies will be leaving us, probably being replaced by chocolate cherry, what rest?

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