Sunday 2 November 2008

We're in business!

What a day it's been. Two classes this morning, all renewing for next term (cue ton of paperwork). Mad dash round Tesco to aquire Halloween costumes at knock-down prices for K (gotta love the sales). Home to discover said child covered in blistery spots which were definitely not there yesterday...poor little love has chicken pox. So many cuddles and then off to bed, which then left me with not very much time to get the shop open as promised. But I did it! Got everything listed by midnight, and blimey...quite an opening night, several people were buying faster than I could list things and practically scrapping over the fabrics! I had loads of fun setting it up and would recommend it to anyone; Etsy is very user-friendly, and having a Facebook page has been amazing, really created a good buzz (check out the "Find us on Facebook" link on the left, and my lovely new Etsy Mini!).

So a fantastic number of sales made tonight. I'm absolutely gobsmacked and delighted,my camera battery is flat and I'm surrounded by parcels ready to go out on Monday. The chap in the post office is going to have a heart attack. In a good way, heheh.