Thursday 6 November 2008

Etsy Goon Squad

Hurray, I think I'm finally all sorted for the Etsy Goon Squad! Brilliant. Etsy Goon Squad is basically a group of folks who all happen to use the website Something Awful (probably not work safe, just so you know). That's a huge forums site which I often get a chuckle out of; not to mention thoroughly enjoying much of the debate. The users are commonly referred to as goons, hence the name. Anyway, it turns out that there are a large number of crafters around SA and our Etsy Team has been organised to cross-promote each other, particularly to other forum users. It's a fantastic idea, albeit somewhat hard on my wallet because there are some amazing Goon creators out there. Here are some of my favourites:

Savour - soapmaker extraordinare. Oh my god, forget anything else you've ever tried (and I speak as a huge Lush fan) - get your soaps here. I particularly love the Creme Brulee, it's amazing.

ShopRedLeaf - more soap, K and I have tried lots of the little sample sets, which are a great size for kids. We love the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soaps and the Bubble Bath Dough.

Fed up of cutsey cross-stitch (I am!)? Then try Nrapture for some really unusual designs. Or drool over RepoRebo's amazing handspun yarn - so desperate to get some of this when I have a moment to do my own projects again!

Jellybean Apparel does great maternity tees - I suspect I'll be shopping here for gifts before long!

Zantie does some fab knitting - I adore the emoticon amigurumis (I want a Smith, please). Delighted to see Promosinasnap open again after relocation, what a great way to get freebies to give out. And finally for now, the lovely Rathina does these amazing switchplates - sadly I don't think they'll fit UK lights but they are gorgeous nonetheless.

All of the above I've either shopped with, have been particularly helpful and kind in getting my own shop off the ground, helped me get set up with the Goon Squad, or I am just in love with their work. There are tons of others which I've not had time to explore yet - somebody please take away my purse! I am really proud to be involved with such a talented group of people and I hope you'll give them a look (and some cash!).


Anonymous said...

Aww thanks :D

I'm thinking of doing an unsmith, just so smith isn't so alone.

Caroline said...

Aaah, poor old Smith. Yep, he needs a friend.