Tuesday 11 November 2008


A strange coincidence that this should arrive today. I tend to go for white poppies if I'm going to wear them at all (and I am not going to get into a debate about this, so don't bother - neither the time nor the place). I just happen to like poppies as a flower and they're easy to draw with a mouse. Maybe I should have had more white background on this!

Recently I had a go at designing some fabric via Spoonflower - a half-arsed attempt in the middle of the night, to be sure, but an attempt nevertheless. And it's here! Just a wee swatch, enough to tell me I need a lot more practice with The Gimp but it's quite hopeful. It's not bad at all, actually - perhaps a little thinner than I was expecting, it must be said, but I don't know much about fabric thicknesses so that's probably my misconception. It's about the same as some of the fat quarters I regularly work with so would be fine to order by the metre once I get a decent pattern going. The depth of colour is not quite what I'd wanted (I wanted a proper scarlet and it's a bit orange-y); again I think that's a fault of mine in not knowing enough about the graphics side of things. Given that the pattern was knocked up in 20mins flat at 2am I think it's not bad at all!

Spent last night cutting out fabric for the Out & About Books, and still have cake orders flooding in...guess I'm not going to get chance to have another play until well after Christmas. Ah well!


Craft Matters said...

It's pretty good for a 1st go I think! Are you sick of crocheting all those cakes yet?? I am completely done with elephants...

Caroline said...

It's not bad, is it? I might have another go with a similar shape on navy blue when I have a few minutes.

Don't mention cakes. I have 90 still to do before xmas - every time I get a set done another order comes in! It's great but..OMG. :)

I loved your Elly! H looked really chuffed with it. Have you done loads?

Craft Matters said...

Only 3 but that's enough for me! I struggle with getting an expression on their faces that isn't a bit mad..