Sunday 9 November 2008

New Fabrics

Here are the new fabrics for Out And About Books and Art Rolls. Poor K was bouncing off the walls, having not been able to go to preschool or any of her usual energy-burning activities due to the chicken pox, so on Thursday we bundled ourselves up and headed to Hab Fab for a good old rummage. K is exceptionally good at finding nice pieces - the skull & cross bones is one of her trophies, along with some gorgeous purple cobwebby net she's keeping for her dressing-up box. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, not least because we followed this with a cream tea and a visit to the aquarium. I'm really looking forward to getting some more made, which I hope will happen this week as several people have already claimed some of these fabrics!

The cakes are coming on a storm too; I still have ten or so on back-order but after the initial flurry I'm trying to pace myself so that I don't provoke the flipping RSI again. Thanks to inspiration from a custom order I've decided to replace the mince pies with chocolate cherry-tops after Christmas, so I do need to make some of those up as well.

Thoroughly enjoying Etsy at the moment. I'm talking to the lovely Balsam right now, another of our Goon Squad soap makers who has the most delicious-looking range of lip balms in. I've had a great idea for another kind of Out & About Book and am eagerly awaiting a couple of lip balms to try out with a view to including them in the new OAB. I'll be snatching the postie's hand off at this rate...I love lip balms.

Oooh, Zantie has new scarves in. Oooh. How gorgeous is this recycled scarf. Yum. Ahem.

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Verity said...

Love the new fabrics and happy birthday to your little one too!