Friday 21 November 2008


It's all go, it really is. Between bugs and enrolments and zillions of cakes I seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word "stop" - which is why my body finally rebelled last Friday and gave me a delightful 24-hr sick bug. Lovely. And on Monday both K and I slept until lunchtime - almost twelve hours for me and a staggering 17 for her - meaning we woke up about 20mins before preschool started and the day consisted of nothing more than food, telly and cuddles. Thankfully this has meant the mounting RSI had a little time to recede and I'm trying to take things one day at a time.

Still, things are moving on. I've now crocheted the insane number of 105 cakes with current orders standing at 78 more to do. I hate the Royal Mail with a passion as the local post office is now displaying a last posting date of 5th December for international mail in time for Christmas, rather than the 10th Dec as the website has it. This has meant I've had to bump all US and European orders up the list in order to get them shipped in time. As it stands I may well have to leave any very local orders right till the last minute and hand-deliver. NOT what I had in mind for the few days before Xmas. On the bright side, I got my first sale via Team Goon this evening - how exciting is that!

A restock is slowly appearing, too - K's preschool sessions are the perfect time to get the machine out and crack on with those; I spent an inordinate amount of time pressing and pinning on Tuesday and about a quarter of the Out And About Books are within a few minute's worth of finishing. Hopefully I can get the rest to the same stage on Monday and restock those next week. I need a big cutting and pinning session for Art Rolls as well. The chances of getting anything new prototyped and into the shop are looking slimmer by the minute. NOT that I'm complaining to have so much business and interest in my stuff - not at all!! it's just taken me completely by surprise (as have many things recently, it has to be said).

Since I don't have any great photos of new stuff at the moment (everything is at the components stage), have a nice pic of K practicing her sewing.

This probably sounds like a rather grumpy post but I'm just tired and confuddled with not enough hours in the day, that's all (well - to be fair I do DETEST the Royal Mail right now!). I'm looking forward to a nice lunch out with the gorgeous Mr T, his lovely mum and the ever-sharp and pretty K tomorrow, and what will probably be a very expensive and very giddy night out in Manchester with the boys :P on Saturday. So it's not all bad by any means!

Oh, I must just mention Savor once again - I have gorgeousness in my bathroom in the form of Kir Royale whipped soap and three delicious new bars. Yum!


Anonymous said...

You know it's the holiday season when all us knitters and crocheters come down with crippling pains.

Thanks for your kind words, I think the worst thing I do is slouch when knitting. I'll be laying sideways on the couch, or have my legs propped up on the desk, so it's likely due to that.

It's feeling a lot better today, and I hope you are too :)

Oh, is there a follow option on your blog? I want to bookmark it with Google Reader but can't seem to find it. Anyway, have fun tonight!

Caroline said...

Glad you're feeling better! I'm doing ok, just taking it an hour at a time, really - it's all I can do when it flares up. I forgot to say, stay warm, too - I get much creakier when I get cold, and we've had a fair snap here over the last couple of days (ok, 1-3oC isn't that cold but it was sudden!).

Added the follow option for you - just below the Etsy mini/Facebook stuff on the sidebar. Didn't even know I could do that - cheers! :)

Oh, and I got stood up - my drinking buddy has manflu. BAH! Still, it's an extra night's work before the last posting dates, I guess...

Craft Matters said...

Look after yourself Caroline! Good luck with all those cakes and the restock.