Wednesday 3 September 2008


Back in the mists of time, I played a bit of AD&D. A wee bit of friendly table-top hack-and-slash of an evening, in a dank cellar draped in black velvet, candles and hot chocolate the only things keeping us warm. One of my friends often played a Paladin - a knight of the church - and it was his birthday a few weeks ago. So here is the Paladin I made for him. I don't know if it survived a drunken trip to Rockworld - I suspect not! but at least I have the pictures.

Again, the basics are from Creepy Cute Crochet. The cloak is a piece of evenweave linen; I taught myself the basics of shisha embroidery (finally!) to attach the sequin. The shield and sword are Fimo, of course, but the burnished sun on the shield is made by using some special metallic powder and then laquering it afterwards. I remembered I had this powder and laquer quite by chance - it must be five years since I bought it - and surprisingly it was still fairly useable and came up very well.

I'm very tired at the moment...really been burning the candle at both ends; full and busy days with K followed by 3-6 hours of either cutting/sewing/crocheting/arguing with software for Seawood Designs, or preparing for my new term of S&S (three full classes - very nice!). But much of it is coming to a head now; I had a pretty intense evening last night stocktaking, sorting out the books and organising the paperwork for the new term, not much left to do now and it's becoming more second nature. My big worry, still, is the photography for Seawood Designs. I am just not very good at it and it rains all the damn time so I can't get out and use natural light. Methinks I will be building a lightbox soon. It's a bit demoralising, making all this stuff and then not being able to show it off!


Anonymous said...

I do love your paladin. Are you selling the Cthulu one out of interest or keeping it? Let me know if you decide to part with it as I would love to get it for Alex. I hope you get your photos sorted soon.

Caroline said...

Thank you!

Um, the Cthulu was a birthday present for a friend, actually. Technically I'm not sure if I can sell anything that comes from a book - US/UK compyright laws are mental - but if you want to whizz me a few quid for yarn and postage I'd be happy to knock one up for you once I've got my shop stuff out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes that would be great. It would make a great christmas present for Alex. Email me to let me know where to send money and how much (should be on my profile).