Monday 11 August 2008

Sun, sea and smiles

Just look at that. My feet, in the sea. I can't tell you how happy our little holiday made me. All three of us, out in the sun from morning to evening, not burning, not overheating, just going a delicious pale brown, like new-baked biscuits. This is new territory for us as we usually hide from the sun, being very pale of skin, but slap on the factor 40 and give us a northern beach and we're set.

How perfect is that? I've no idea whose the dog is - just a local who came rushing in to greet the tide on my last snap of the day.

Mind, there's no way you can't have fun with Little Miss Sly Winks along...

Craft? Er..yes, this is supposed to be a craft blog, isn't it. Well, I actually didn't do a great deal - all those wide open skies seemed to lend themselves more to reading, talking and meditation, so I managed probably only six rows of my blanket cardigan (though do bear in mind each row is 170 trebles..!) and nothing else. Since I've been home, however, my long-anticipated copy of Soulemama's The Creative Family has arrived, which both A and I have really appreciated, and I've been bashing away at the sewing machine. It also occasioned a wonderful family trip into Manchester on Saturday to collect crafting materials. We visited Abakhan Fabrics for many projects such as the 1:12 replica of our own house for K's Christmas present (floor plans currently being drawn up in a huge, good quality sketchbook by A and interior designing/soft furnishings to be done by me) - we've got carpet and curtains sorted and I happen to have some fat quarters in which are exactly the colours of our bedding. Fabric too for a "cuddling blanket" for K (red spotty fleece she picked herself), and some bits and pieces for clothing experiments.

Fred Aldous
, too, was paid a visit - love the new layout of the upper floor, very clean and light, although I suspect if they redo the basement too I'll really miss the Aladdin's Cave effect; I've been going to this art shop since I was a student and it will always be very special to me. Good quality sketchbooks for A and K here (I have a lovely one already!), and a further packet of bells to finish a skirt trim - now standing at 112 tiny silver bells on the crocheted trim; the skirt has been shortened and all that remains is to apply one to the other - eek!

Most of Sunday was taken up with the sewing machine for myself and sketchbooks for A and K - I am very pleased with a pair of pencil rolls made from single fat quarters and some rather clever folding, if I do say so myself. Some pics to follow when the sun makes an appearance again.


Verity said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your advice and suggestions - I have spent the last hour looking at the websites you suggested!! I am sure I will be posting more about sleep soon but wanted to stop by and thank you personally. Have also enjoyed reading entries in your journal. Your daughter is such a cutie pie! I love making stuff too!

It was wonderful to find such support, advice and to know that others have been through similar experiences. It has already given me so much more confidence in my own abilities and in what I am doing. So thanks so much for that.

Caroline said...

Oh, bless your heart - thank you for stopping by and I'm so glad you feel better. It really helps to talk to people who've been through it, doesn't it. Georgie's blog in particular gives me such a boost whenever she writes - a bit like Amanda's.

Haven't had loads of time to go through your blog yet - really busy week! but I have it safely bookmarked for a more peaceful time, I'm really looking forward to. Your photos are absolutely breathtaking, what a fabulous place to live. And with such a gorgeous little lad, too! :)