Thursday 29 May 2008

Round and round and round

I did say I liked working in rounds, didn't I!

First of all, a long-hidden project finally completed and ready for dispatch tomorrow - the recipients will be rather busy at the moment and unlikely to look here so I don't think there's any harm in a sneak preview for the rest of you. Do excuse the stuffing, it's just to give them a little bit of shape.

Baby Shoes for a brand new little girl!

These are from Crochet in No Time, same as K's hat and various other projects I want to do, and done in the same Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in Willow - I try and do neutral colours, particularly for first babies, so that they can be passed on! The ladybirds are just one of my favourite things, again quite neutral, and thought of as lucky in Germany where I've spent quite a lot of time, so I figured that would be a nice wish. I've another pair in teal completed, I just need to finish the book I was loaned so I can send them off!

You'll notice, if you're observant, that my little carousels on the right there have been updated with my birthday gifts and aquisitions, plus we've been to the library, so lots of booky goodness over there. Reviews to come!

Rounds again: the amigurumi from Creepy Cute Crochet: Zombies, Ninjas, Robots, and More I thought would give me a ton of grief has actually been a doddle to do, in the end - it's not a pattern for beginners but I would guess I'm pushing "intermediate" now and managed to wing anything I didn't quite understand (thank heavens for all these hats and shoes!). It is hard when you're translating a pattern from the US, and there's been a thread about it on Craftster recently complaining about the quality of the patterns. Anyway, I can't post a pic of this particular one as it's a gift for a birthday three weeks hence (and I also need to go shopping for eyes and Fimo to model various weapons), but since I finished that this afternoon I've already started a Grim Reaper and been asked for a Knight and a Cleric! So since we were at my parents' place today I found myself in Prescot Knitting, a shop I've not been into since I was a teenager buying my first cross stitch piece (Bunnies' Bathtime - still unfinished!), buying various shades of DK and lots of buttons. The buttons are for K's doorstop - since she's now out of nappies I can't use the bucket to prop the door open with anymore, so that's becoming more urgent than a vague desire to learn ribbon embroidery. Roll on the next rainy day when I can get the machine out! K also chose three special buttons herself for the beginnings of her own private stash, heheheh...she has threading buttons already but these are for when she gets a bit bigger and hopefully wants to start crafting herself. Every so often she asks: "Mummy, get the fabric box out? Mummy make something?". I think this is a good sign!

These amigurumi have given me lots of ideas, actually, I must sketch out a few before I sit down to make anything else tonight. Since the amis are quite easy to do and can be made up in a few hours, I'll probably go back to my purple shrug tonight. I've completed one side of it and am about half-way up the sleeve of the other side. Perhaps not too puzzlingly, I've discovered that the first side seems to fit my arm and chest perfectly well, but my inherited broad shoulders are proving too much for the pattern. Still, the back is all one length so I can simply add in a few more rows - the edging will no doubt be entertaining but hey, what are we here for if not to learn.

Finally - to complete the round, ch2 and dc into 1st dc to start the next - here are some old snaps of some embroidered t-shirts I made a couple of years ago. I've never remembered to post them before, but C, these are for you to see!

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