Friday 23 May 2008


It's my birthday next week - squee! There are two parcels sitting in the cupboard from Amazon - A and my PILs have been shopping on my wishlist (book reviews to follow next week). Whilst I have a rough idea what's in each I'm trying desperately not to open them before the weekend. Birthdays do seem to take place over several days now, particularly when family and friends are far-flung. In fact I've only just this minute realised that I've made arrangements to meet my friend Angela actually on my birthday and I hadn't even considered the date, really. So I think I'll be baking on the bank holiday - K is desperate to blow out candles and to "go to Chinese food!", which we are doing on Saturday with both sides of the family. I see pork and ginger dumpling parcels in my future. Yum.

More of a parcelly nature: the wonderfully-named Slinkimalinki, whom I know through IWMM has been clearing out a relative's stash and has been kind enough to send me a mixed bag of fabric/yarns etc. Very exciting, I love getting random stash! I am also expecting a crochet book I've ordered for myself; if I can get my head around the American notation my next project will be an amigurumi creature for an old friend. I can say no more on this for approximately two weeks (other than, I'm sure I'll be ranting in frustration at some point!).

More parcels: there are two completed projects to be photographed and sent out to two small babies (one of whom has not arrived yet!) with a book apiece. The Rose hat has been received in New Zealand and is apparently beloved by the wearer - hoping to get a pic of that soon.

And finally, having spent a frustrated week frogging and redoing and finally deciding I was right all along, my purple shrug is finally starting to take shape. And very cleverly-designed it is too. I'm very annoyed, actually, because if I hadn't ripped it all out and had to redo it I'd probably have been able to wear it this weekend. Ah well. Lesson learned!

Amigurumi aside, I am coveting about seven balls of baby blue Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK to make a ballet cardigan for K and a stripy baby hat with. Sadly I missed a big lot on eBay a few days ago and can't find it at an affordable price at the moment. Still, if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak.

Oh, one last link - I am completely in love with Anne-Marie's baby wearing paintings this week - aren't they beautiful!

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