Tuesday 22 April 2008

Teeny Bag for a Teeny Girl

I don't know why, but K decided she was desperate to have a green bag to go with this dress. It's not even as though she wears it all that much, but there you go - when she makes such a strong request, how can you say no? She picked the flower colours herself too out of my yarn stash - now, I would never have put purple and green together but as you can see she also picked a lilac top and hairclip as well as tights with lilac flowers on to go with it today!

Of course she's actually got changed into apron and wellies and is currently outside playing with bubbles, but there you go - she's always been pretty good at putting things together and I think she looks great. She's carried this little bag around all day so far, though it is safely tucked away out of the wet at the moment.

Here's a close-up:

It really was a doddle to put together. It's from Cute Crochet for Tiny Tots, which is quite a nice book really - I'm in two minds whether to buy it, though, as the biggest sizes are 3-4yo and by the time I get my head round them K may well have grown out of the size.

Question is, what next? I still have hook-itch - that is, I don't want to stop crocheting right now and switch to a different project just yet. I know I still have four bags to finish off on the sewing machine and there are several other things begging my attention. But I think I'm going to rummage through my stash and make at least one more of these - I think a blue one with daisies on (K loves daisies!). Actually I think I may make several if the itch stays a while - they might make nice gifts for other little girls at some point. If nothing else, using stash stops me dribbling over more yarn. I really fancy making a bigger browny-tweedy version of this for myself out of that eco-wool I saw in Hobbycraft last week.

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I ♥ cupcakes to distraction said...

Very cute bag. Love your blog/ramblings :)