Monday 21 April 2008

Matching Scarf

Not a great snap as the sun hasn't yet peeked around into the front window (yes, there is actual sun here today), but you get the idea. No more shivering for me!

Started work on a bag for K last night - she is really, really keen to have a green bag to match one of her dresses, and having failed to find fabric I've begun to crochet her one. Front side and daisy is done; she's decided she wants a bath this morning so if I can get the water to run hot (don't ask) then I will probably have time to do at least the strap. It's not as pleasant to work as the cashmerino, being that it's nylon/acrylic yarn just using up scraps from my stash, but I have learnt some important things. The actual bag is two yarns together which is giving a really sturdy fabric and the flowers are just loopy chains which can be adapted to almost anything.

I ran across this fantastic crochet daffodil tutorial yesterday via Craftster and I can't wait to try it out - I have an idea of a pale green hat with daffs on for K and a complementary brown hat with a rose for winter.


I ♥ cupcakes to distraction said...

Love the scarf, beautiful colour :)

Caroline said...

Thank you! It was just what I could grab on eBay...majorly lacking in good yarn shops round here, DB seems impossible to get hold of in a physical shop. What I really want is some of the Air Force Blue colour...:)