Friday 11 April 2008

Fair Trade Fabrics

Whilst I try, at the moment, to use as much old/unwanted/second-hand material as I can for my projects, it can sometimes be difficult to get exactly what you need. I've found bag linings a bit of a challenge, for example, because you need something fairly sturdy for every day use and I am very hard on bags myself. Many of the things I'm making at the moment are occasional-use bags so I'm not too worried, but at some point I'm probably going to need to buy material. Or I'll want to make something from new for K and so on. I've been fretting a bit about how to source fabric which is ethical - it's such a minefield; should you go organic, look for environmentally-friendly dyes, or go Fair Trade? My head hurts just wondering about it.

Anyway, this morning I was perusing Georgie's parenting blog
Motherland, and she happened to mention her BIL's Fair Trade blog. Lo and behold, there's an entry on Fair Trade Fabrics. Just what I needed! So many thanks to Paul for that, it is much appreciated by this crafter and I hope other readers will take note too. I will also take the opportunity to note these Fair Trade buttons from Debbie Cripps again as well.

Now...anyone know if there's any such thing as ethically sound interfacing?

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