Saturday 12 April 2008

It's The End Of Term I went to Hobbycraft. No, ok, it's not strictly the end of term as I still have two Wednesday classes to do, but it was the last of the Saturday classes for a couple of weeks. I am both relieved to have at least one weekend when I don't have to get up, and actually a bit sad - I've really, really enjoyed this term and I can't wait to see all the families again!
Anyway, I went to Hobbycraft because traditionally (if you can call two terms a tradition), I award myself a prize for a Job Well Done at the end of term. Last term I bought a nice necklace, but I couldn't find anything today so I went to Hobbycraft instead. I did need some brown thread to finish my tweedy bag - there is no reason I can't finish that now! I also bought:

  • - Sparkley metallic machine thread in pale blue (Kerry, you are a BAD influence) - this is going towards making a mermaid tail skirt for K out of that bluey-green organza (many thanks to Dalerose for the idea).
  • - Pale yellow ribbon with white dots, and 4 teeny-tiny ladybird buttons - these are for the doorstop I have in mind for K's room
  • - 2m of 12mm elastic for making skirts for K with - she has suddenly decided she's into tights and skirts at the moment and she only has two which are still ginormous round the waist
  • - A big plastic box for yarn
  • - These two absolutely yum packets of fat quarters - these are my "don't know what do to do with these yet" indulgences because they were half-price

I also got Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker which I've been after for ages and was chuffed to find has a good explanation of yarns, a hook conversion chart AND a stitch name conversion (because, for example, double crochet isn't the same thing at all in English and American...argh!).

Speaking of crochet...oh dear. I couldn't resist the gorgeous, gorgeous cashmerino and had to start my hat last night. I was going to get some more "superchunky"-type wool as a treat today and everything just felt so rough in comparison! I have been spoiled rotten, it seems. I did find some "eco-wool" - undyed stuff, which I was really interested in, but I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head to use it for.

Right. Three rounds down, thirteen and a flower to go. Happy hooking, cos that's what I'll be up to!

PS no, you are not going cross-eyed, I changed the template is all. Whaddya think?

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