Thursday 10 April 2008

Dandelion Clocks

I really wanted to post a photo of the embroidery/beading I'm working on for the fur-trimmed coat-to-bag conversion but I've lost the daylight already. I'm really pleased with it - you know what it's like when you pick up thread and beads randomly and then wonder what the hell to do with it for years...I am such a magpie, I'm always collecting shinies and then wondering why I have so much stash. Anyway, after much debate I've recruited some varigated DMC Light Effects and some odd grey beads to the cause, and am making a sort of group of stylised dandelion clocks for this one. Hope to get a pic tomorrow if we ever get any sunlight!

In other news my rather wonderful cashmerino wool has arrived for the crochet cloche hat and it really does feel gorgeous. I can't wait to get started on it but am trying my hardest to complete at least one bag first!

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