Tuesday 8 April 2008

And the hunt was good...

I did buy rather more than intended (ooh, a whole £13's worth, shock horror), but most of it has a purpose already! So above we have:
  • a small red crushed velvet top - because you can never have enough crushed velvet
  • a small houndstooth skirt - which has rather more fabric than you'd think as it's pleated. Smart bag with this one, I'm thinking black cat applique
  • a bluey-green silk mix shirt - probably the lining for the Amy Butler bag
  • a red satiny paisley dress - complete with lining, several posh bags from this one, I think
  • a pair of Wedgwood blue/floral curtains. I was going to use the latter for the AB bag lining but prefer the silk-mix, so I think there will be a few totes made from these. There's plenty of it, after all!
Now, about that Etsy shop I've been thinking about...

Anyway. Off to start the embroidery on the grey/fur bag!

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