Monday 31 March 2008

Ghosts of projects past

Now that I have my jewellery board done, I've been able to untangle some of my past projects to show off. Here are three of my favourites:

They were all made at roughly the same time (as you can probably tell from the style of the chains), the red and purple ones were some of my first experiments with a wire jig. They are great focal pieces - pity I never go anywhere posh enough to wear them!

These are all photographed on the pashmina I embellished for a wedding last September, the one I made the origami lai si for - suddenly remembered I'd never shown this one off either. I made a lilac one very similar to this for my mum for xmas.

Some close-ups:

Victorian-inspired black heart & silver wirework necklace

Art Deco-inspired red & gold wirework necklace

Purple chandelier-style silver wirework necklace

I must apologise for the quality of the photos - not only am I rubbish at taking pics of jewellery, my poor camera got dropped last week and now I have to hold the batteries in with my little finger whilst I take a shot. I'll get round to taping it up eventually.

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Anonymous said...

I think I like the balck heart one best, but then tomorrow it will most likely be the purple one :)