Wednesday 3 October 2007

Red things

A few bits and pieces I knocked up this weekend for the wedding...!

Here's the lai si I ended up making - not stitched, but printed and made into an origami envelope. It's not a great pic as it was done in rather a hurry, but the characters are the same ones as on the framed picture the groom bought us when we got engaged - I think they are peace, prosperity, harmony and tranquillity (not necessarily in that order, I need to check, but they are a direct scan). Many thanks to husband for the technical wizardry needed to print the characters on the card such that they would read top to bottom when I folded it up (they had to go on at a rather obscure diagonal). On the inside I printed the reading the groom did at our wedding, so the connection there is lovely and I hope it's something they can put with their wedding keepsakes (he seemed quite impressed with my l33t origami sk1llz, anyway).

K had a yellow dress with red flowers on, and sparkly red shoes. So of course she needed a red bag to go with it! She's very into counting coins at the moment so I made her a little purse to accompany it. Very pleased to say I mastered blanket stitch for this project, and I'm chuffed with the way the beading came out, too. She pronounced it "really nice", which is high praise from a not-yet-two-year-old!

Whilst we were visiting down South, we stayed with a relative of A's and she donated a large amount of felt to my stash (wild applause and many thanks!). Since I'd taken cross-stitch but forgotten a hoop, I ploughed right into a new project for K - a "weather station", consisting of a large piece of blue felt with the words "Today the weather is" stitched on it, and a number of felt pieces like clouds, a sun, etc which will all get little velcro patches on so she can record the weather each day. At the moment I'm just completing the beading on the sun; the
"rainy", "stormy", "cloudy" and "windy" are already done and I need to make a "snowy" to finish the set. I plan to back them all with stiff interfacing (not such a mistaken buy after all, ha!) and mount the lot onto more felt, then add a cord to hang it from. Pics to follow!

Have also bought two 18" x 24" canvasess and some big tubes of various blue acrylic paint/flat brushes, looking forward to doing those.

K is very busy soaking some "magic painting" books - I am very very glad I bought some non-spill water pots.


Anonymous said...

I love the ladybird detail, I have a random attachment to them for some reason. The envelope looks beautifully done too, my hand just isn't that steady.

Caroline said...

:) The ladybird is a button - I came across them a while ago and one made it's way onto a cardigan for K (with lots of applique autumn leaves, I must add a pic).

As for the envelope, I wish I'd had the time and energy to paint the characters myself - they are scanned off the original painting, shrunk and printed onto card. The origami itself is REALLY easy once you know how and in card it locks together very neatly indeed.