Sunday 2 March 2008


I am so rubbish at completion. Sigh. I snaffled Making Handbags and Purses from Green Metropolis last week and oh my word, the ideas! I dragged K out round the charity shops on Friday in the pouring rain and we had a whale of a time, actually, looking for fabric. So I have a satchel/messenger-type bag in mind to make from an old tweedy coat, and at least one evening handbag to make from a knackered brown velvet patterned skirt.

I've also been desperate to make this amazing button shirt to toddler dress recon which was linked to by someone on my favourite parenting forum last year; on Friday we found a lovely quality light denim shirt to do it. I've cut the shirt apart and measured up K, I just have to cut out the pattern and whack it all together. Bless her little cotton socks, she's happy enough to sit at one end of the dining table painting and drawing whilst I play with the sewing machine, so I'll be putting that together over the next few days. I'm treating it as a practice project, though - I didn't realise until I got it home that the shirt had a pocket on it, and of course now that I've ripped that off there's a darker patch, which will be on the back of the dress. I've bought red rick-rack braid to go round the bodice, though, so hopefully that will distract the eye from it. Still, for £2.50 for the shirt and less than £2 for the thread and braid, it's more than good enough for a little summer dress. I won't mind too much if she ends up getting it soaked in the sea whilst paddling with Grandad J (which tends to happen quite frequently!). And it'll stand me in good stead to start on a rather more challenging pattern for a little dress from Making Stuff, which will also teach me about smocking.

Now...shall I finish K's hat tonight, stitch some motifs on her new dressing gown, cut out her dress from the shirt, do some cross stitch, plan the bags, or sit on my bum eating Chinese and watching Torchwood whilst procrastinating about which one to finish off first?

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