Saturday 23 February 2008

Friday Night Project


Ok, I know the weather's getting warmer but I have been meaning to make these for ages and finally it all came together tonight. These are almost completely recycled - only the sewing thread is new. The material is an old jumper I found in a charity shop last summer, which was then felted down once all the sequins and beads were snipped off. Today I just drew round my hand, added 0.5cm (but I def recommend more, these are a tad on the small side), stitched some of the sequins back on, did some Algerian eye stitches then blanket stitched the lot together. Very cosy, very sweet and very, very quick indeed. Actually I am tempted to trim the wrists with a bit of blue marabou just for fun...

I have three more felted jumpers hanging around doing nothing, I feel some more pairs of these coming in!

I finished my crochet hat for K. It is far too sad. It barely even makes a beanie for her, though she loves it. Wrong tension, probably the wrong yarn, ho hum. I find yarn so frustrating - every single pattern calls for a different yarn and I don't have a good shop locally to go and learn about them all and what can be substituted where. Different books use different descriptions, too. Very irritating.

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