Monday 7 January 2008

Gingerbread House

How cool is this! This is my gingerbread house from The Nutmeg Company which I finished just in time to go on the tree for Christmas. I really enjoyed doing it, although I was pretty hacked off that the threads supplied weren't nearly enough. I am a very conservative (er, mean) stitcher, I don't waste thread at all, and to run out before even two sides were complete was ridiculous. This is the front view at the top and rear view below, not very clear, sorry. The sides are done on 18ct aida and the roof in 14ct and it's covered in beads and metallic backstiching - that was a right pain and I've NEVER seen a beading needle with such a tiny eye, it was almost impossible to thread it. Thank heavens for Thread Heaven (again).

I have managed a full seven days of "morning pages" and watched Breakfast At Tiffany's as my "artist date" this week! So it's going well, I need to do the exercises later (oh dear, I was supposed to do affirmations of my creative worth but forgot, hey ho). It is a struggle to write three sides of A4 stream-of-consciousness every morning with a two year old pottering about (this morning, banging a triangle - at least it wasn't a drum!), but it does seem to be helping, mostly to pour out my worries and annoyances without any kind of censoring. I feel much more settled after this week.

Four stockings are now complete with a fifth one being worked on and all the threads to finish the rest bought. Term starts on Saturday, though, so I will be busy prepping for that and may not get much done creatively, ho hum.

Someone left a comment anonymously wanting to see the Christmas Westie - sorry, your comment seems to have vanished into the ether somehow (who are you?). Um, I don't want to post any pics until it's finished, really - I don't think my sister reads this but I know my dad looks in occasionally and I'd hate to spoil the full effect if she should spot the half-done progress pics, she didn't want to see how it was coming on. It's bad enough I couldn't finish it in time for Xmas. But I'm definitely going back to it in the next few days once I've got work stuff sorted out and finished enough stockings to show someone who may want to work together, so I will be making progress again soon.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the gingerbread house, I want one! I don't think I have the patience right now sadly.

Caroline said...

Thank you! It is a bit fiddly but well worth it.