Tuesday 1 January 2008

A prolific year

Both comment and prediction, I hope - I have lots of plans and ideas for the New Year!

In 2007 I completed the following:

  • Big Girl Panties (cross stitch)
  • When I Am Old I Will Wear Purple (cross stitch)
  • Dungarees for K (applique motifs)
  • 3 Round Robin sections (cross stitch)
  • Approx three dozen cards, mostly with K
  • Butterfly (soft toy)
  • Fish (soft toy)
  • Meg & Mog T-shirt (cross stitch)
  • Denim bag (DMC Linea project)
  • Lindisfarne (cross stitch)
  • Earth Goddess (cross stitch)
  • Approx 1 doz origami projects including a lai si (origami)
  • Button-flowers top (cross stitch & embellishment)
  • Grey cat (cross stitch)
  • Picture book shelves (painting & stencilling)
  • Row of Fairies (cross stitch)
  • 2 S&S displays for Summer and Xmas (painting)
  • Numbers Mobile (painting and small amount of woodworking)
  • Mouse (soft toy)
  • 2 Pashminas (embellishment with sequins)
  • 4 small acrylic paintings (painting)
  • Felt bag & purse for K (stitching, applique and beading)
  • 2 large acrylic paintings (painting)
  • Height chart (cross stitch)
  • Gingerbread House (3D cross stitch)
  • Weather Chart (applique and beading)
  • Brown & silver scarf (machine sewing)
  • Black velver tunic top (machine sewing & jewellery making

Unfinished WIPs:
  • K's first year scrapbook (needs binding, and a few more photos/words/plastic coating)
  • Blessed Samhain (cross stitch)
  • Bunnies Bathtime (cross stitch)
  • Geisha Girl (cross stitch)
  • Alphabet Afghan (cross stitch)
  • Christmas Westie (cross stitch)
  • 12 self-designed Xmas Tree stockings (cross stitch & embellishment)

So next time I whinge I get nothing done, I'd better have a look at this list...! It's nice to have it, actually, I can see a lot more of what I need to concentrate on finishing before starting anything new. I know, I need to upload some more pictures too!

I received a copy of The Artist's Way for Xmas and am COMPLETELY and utterly over-excited about following the programme. I have no idea if I'll be able to manage it for the whole 12 weeks but it seems like a brilliant way of dumping all the everyday crap and any past negativity about my skills out of my head and leaving plenty of room for new ideas. I've started the "morning pages" exercise (write 3 pages of A4 longhand drivel about anything first thing in the morning) already and am working out how to fit in my "artist dates" (go see/do something alone to "fill the well" of creative ideas each week). Strangely I think this will be easier once term starts in a fortnight.

Shaping up to be a good year...all I have to decide is which new kit I'm allowed to break out!


Anonymous said...

Goodness, what a small internet we live in - I was googling for 'busy wood' and your craft blog came up. I don't think I even realised you had a blog since your LJ became defunct.

Hope you're all well, and chat to you soon.



Caroline said...

I have *three* journals, my dear :rolleyes: This one, one for my Tarot site and one for K. And those are just the online ones :)

What on earth were you looking for with "busy wood"?? How are you, anyway?! My MSN is knackered atm, am trying to get it fixed - maybe catch up with you soon?