Friday 16 November 2007

Mixed Media

Started writing this last week but had trouble with the photos.

I have been working on my UFO box! I've had my sewing machine out a couple of times now and am really close to finishing a few pieces (height chart, weather station), repaired some bags which needed the straps reinforcing (velvet handbag, embroidered denim bag) and I have TWO finishes to share.

Here is my brown velvet scarf:

Nothing complicated about this one other than learning about how to sew crushed velvet (it rolls like mad, so this isn't exactly straight, but it does the job).

And here is my new top:

This I hacked up a dress to make - I'd bought the dress maybe six or seven years ago and worn it probably once; it was never really "me" - a bit too figure-hugging and it had a diamante piece across the neckline. So I cropped it to about mid-thigh length, hemmed it and took out the diamante bit, beading a new piece to fit across the gap. Very pleased with the beading and a big thumbs up, as ever, to JillyBeads for superbly fast delivery. I had a couple of pieces of blue Sunstone in already, but it wasn't quite right. Ordered some more (the droppers and small beads) and they arrived this afternoon. Et voila, new top and a matching pair of earrings. I am a teensy bit disappointed with the quality of some of the beads which came - they are clearly blue Sunstone but hardly sparkly at all, so they didn't match what I had in and I had to rethink the design. Still, I don't blame JillyBeads for that, she couldn't have known what I had in already and it is one of the perils of buying in very small quantities online. I can certainly use them for something else, though, perhaps even a simple bracelet to go with this.

For the rest of the time I've been working on the Xmas Westie for my sister's gift - it is coming on quite nicely now that I've got the knack of stitching on linen back; most of the corner poinsettia is done which gives me a good solid block to extend out from. It is touch and go as to whether it'll be finished in time; I really did my shoulder in last night and barely managed ten minutes as the pain was shooting down into my wrist. Better today, though, so will have to be sure to start early this evening. I also need to paint some snowmen - as with the summer picnic I did for Sing & Sign, I'm doing a party for the end of this term and have permission to decorate the room, so I'll need half a dozen snowmen at least, maybe even a tree or two.

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Anonymous said...

Cute top and matching ear rings.