Tuesday 26 June 2007


Finished this little chap out of my UFO pile last week! It only took me 3-4 nights to complete, I wish I'd realised that sooner. I decided not to move on to his friend, the ginger cat, just yet because after all that grey I wanted lots of bright colours. So at the moment I'm working on Blessed Samhain again and it's going well. Very glad I decided to retire Geisha again for a while, I feel much better. I might actually get to put Samhain up on the wall in time this year!

Not a lot else going on in craftland at the moment, have been quite busy with my S&S classes filling up rapidly for next term and also with travelling around visiting family. I do have some crewel needles en route though - those are for ribbon embroidery. Not sure I've got my head around it really yet but I'm sure once I have a go it'll all become clear. It'll be nice to have another way to decorate K's clothes!


Anonymous said...

He's a cutie! Not sure why he looks like a boy, but definately a he.

Caroline said...

It's defintitely a boy, isn't it - annoying, as our grey is a she and the ginger (the picture of which does look like a girl, oddly) is a male!