Monday 7 May 2007

Well I never...

...I can knit! and boy, is it hard work with this kit; the yarn is extremely fluffy and also quite hard to see in evening light. Somehow I managed to add SEVEN stitches by row four, that's quite embarrassing really. Nevertheless, with the help of Making Stuff I can now cast on, knit and purl. I don't like purling. Ho hum. It will be a very cosy scarf, though, and good practice. I also had a go at some origami from the same book - it completely defeated me, but I think I would like to take it up (besides, I have a pack of origami paper sitting here doing nothing which I've had for years!), so it has been suggested to my beloved that a beginner's origami book would be very much appreciated for my impending birthday.

Work moves on on Geisha Girl - I discovered the problem and have fixed it, so we're whizzing onwards with that. Have a slightly fuzzy WIP picture, just for fun.

And here's Earth Goddess, at last. The sun was helpful, but not enough to remove the marks completely. Thankfully the light is too poor on this pic for it to be obvious, but I know where it is and it makes me sad every time I look at it.

I suppose the advantage of withdrawing from the RR group is that I get to stitch the beautiful Kimono piece all myself!

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Anonymous said...

She is stunning with or without marks Caroline. Sorry to hear about you leaving the RR group, but I don't know how you find time to do half the things you do anyway!