Thursday 8 February 2007

Jan Round Robin Complete

Finished Myrna's fan last night, so here it is - I did the bottom right-hand corner (1/6th in total). All in all I think it took seven nights of stitching, and I know some of those were a bit disturbed, so probably 10-12hrs in all. Not bad going, really.

Here are the girlyfied dungarees, too - as predicted, the "iron on" claim proved to be a bit of a lie so I've had to stitch and glue the flowers back on. Not quite completed that but K should have them for tomorrow. She loves bees, so these were quite a hit.

Now what? I guess it's back to Purple, really, and by the time I get that done the next RR piece will be almost upon us. I might take a few nights off the stitching (though I doubt it, my fingers don't know what to do without a needle in them!) and finish off K's first year scrapbook. The diary and photos are all in bar a few, I just need to decorate it with stickers and the pressed flowers and leaves I picked in summer and autumn.

I am itching to break out a new kit, mind - I have some really interesting ones to do, very grown-up (and then of course there's the Bothy Threads Row of Fairies which I couldn't resist!). Sometimes I think I ought to get a locked box for my stash and only have it opened when two WIPs have been completed. On that note I did actually get My Big Fat UFO out over the weekend and do a little on that, but I've really lost the flow on it. I've decided it's not going to be a blanket any more, though - I'm going to back it and make it into a wall hanging for K's room. I can't bear the thought of it being sicked on after all that work!

Can't wait for spring - last year I spent at least an hour a day in the park with K asleep beside me, stitching away in the sunlight. I've got loads of little tiny kits to do for cards and t-shirts and fun things like that.

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