Friday 9 February 2007


Didn't go back to Purple last night. I had a bright idea and made this instead. I'm about to audition as a Sing & Sign teacher, and one of the songs I want to do introduces the signs for garden insects. Well, I have a bird, a bee, a spider and even a snail I can raid from K's toybox, but no butterfly. Now I have one. Took about two hours start to finish and is bodged together from voile, felt, spare sequins and ribbon, and the insides of a long-demised cushion. I think I might make a fish for another song tonight, actually - I have some spare blue felt and it's easy to work with.

The rest of the evening I went back to stitching on a rather nice blue denim bag I want to have finished for summer, it'll be great for going to the park with.


Unknown said...

Dear Caroline,

Are you familiar with a method of
attaching a layer of pure, very fine spun wool on voile, for effect, and use in panels, as a feature for skirts, etc. ?? (So as when it catches the light,(or when held up to) those patches are slightly, magically diaphonous ?Not sure how to go about it,,will you please help? Or maybe refer me to...? great gratitude, ali

Caroline said...


Sounds wonderful! I've never even seen it before - can you point me at a few photos at all? I might be able to work out how it's done if I can see it.