Friday 19 January 2007

Purple WIP - 3/4s done

Three-quarters of the way there now...well, with the main stitch effort, anyway. Still got all the beading and the leaves to put in, but it's really starting to look quite impressive, don't you think? Only ten days or so til J's birthday, but I'm hoping that a bit of "stitcher solidarity" will mean she won't mind too much if it's not quite done! I think I'm just going to present her with the choice, and either keep Big Girl Panties for myself (as it's an oft-needed sentiment!) if she chooses Purple, or send Purple on to my lovely friend A who inspired me to buy the kit in the first place. I may end up doing Purple for A all over again anyway as she could do with a bit of a pick-up round about now, but I don't want to overwhelm her with stitching, since I made a wedding sampler for her last year.

That's a point, don't think I ever showed anyone the wedding sampler - here it is in all it's unframed glory. It's the "Roses Wedding Sampler" from Heritage Stitchcraft and it drove me demented - I think I counted 165 or so roses, and got it finished and framed three days before we drove down for the wedding. I think they liked it! Again, it's one of those things that's been inspiring - eventually I'd like to design a sampler for us as we got married at the wonderful Chillingham Castle with some rather unusual vows. So I have a sampler in my head with a view of the castle across the top, the vows in the centre and the date/names across the bottom, and somehow I'd like to work in the flowers and colours we had (jasmine, blue cornflowers, deep red berries and gold).

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