Sunday 28 January 2007

Slog, slog, slog

Just one more night on Purple now and all the stitching will be done! Have finally managed to track down J and we are hopefully meeting for coffee, Satan's Chocolate Cake and a visit to Punky Duck (this crazy-ass duck in the park with a mad quiff of feathers) on Friday. No way am I going to get it finished in time to frame because I REALLY need to switch over to doing the RR piece very soon. I think I will get it out tonight and try to get a realistic picture of how long it's going to take to do. The last two have only taken a week of good evenings (by which I mean a couple of solid hours a night), so if the same is true of this one I could have a bash at the beading on Purple and try and get as much as poss done by Thursday night.

In other news I finally finished girlying-up some boys' dungarees for K - couldn't find anything but the most horrible pinks at the time, so I bought some brown cords and used iron-on patches to cheer them up. Of course, iron-on and cord doesn't really go together (*sigh* lesson learnt there), so I now have to stitch everything on properly cos half of it's fallen off on the first day of wearing. Still, since they're boys' and K is only little, they'll last a while - even if it takes me another fortnight to get round to it!

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