Tuesday 8 February 2011

Funky Monkey

You know how I said things are very very very slow? Yeah. I actually started this project over a month ago. To be honest though, I have spent quite a bit of that time playing Dragon Age in anticipation of DA:2 coming out next month, so it's not all "buried in baby" slowness. It's taken me ages to get back into the swing of making stuff...I'm not altogether sure I'm there yet. Whilst my brains are aching to be thinking about projects to the verge of wanting to scream in frustration, there's a sense of pointlessness to starting anything, knowing that getting more than an hour's run at anything is unlikely. Still, I do know it'll pass and I need to concentrate on small projects for a while, I guess.

Anyway, to the Funky Monkey! This is K's monkey which she's had from being a baby, so he's been much loved and bedraggled over the last five years. Between us we decided he could use some perking up, and K chose the Varsity Jacket from Crochet for Bears to Wear.

I like this book, I like the premise - that you can change the dimensions and patterns to suit whatever size toy you have - but I don't seem to have quite got my head around the measuring yet. Whilst the jacket is fine across the back, the front seems much too wide and I'm not sure why. It was easy enough to adapt the rest of the pattern to Monkey's arms, though, and the ribbing around the collar and hems was lovely to do, very effective. I made some minor adaptions around the front of the jacket as it was already too wide, and just surface-chained the M rather than making it as per the book, but otherwise it's fairly faithful.

K loves it, which is the point really.


Unknown said...

Its very cute! Maybe its bigger round the front for extra cosiness

gtlady said...

I think Gem is right, you don't want Funky Monkey getting cold do you?! Well done on actually completing something and from a pattern that required adapting, I think I was barely able to dress myself and the boys for a good year after their births!