Saturday 14 August 2010

Granny's Progress

I now have 18 squares! Last post, I had 12, so I'm three short of doing a granny every day, but I still think that's fairly good going considering. Also I seem to have muddled the pattern of squares around a bit from last time, oops. I have run into a bit of a problem with this - the Patons Washed Haze is out of stock (since it's been retired) almost everywhere and all I've been able to get hold of is four more balls of the denim colour. Many thanks to Creations of Porthlevan in Cornwall (gotta love the internet!) for their help and patience in dealing with a rather brain-addled new mum who completely messed up the order.

That might give me enough to finish the size I want - as you can see, I've put a denim square at the top because I think I need a row top and bottom as well as the three main squares. I don't yet know if I'll need a further column at each end. I can see myself running into trouble with this idea! Let's hope it doesn't get mothballed.

I've also started work on a suntop in mandarin and lemon from Cute Crochet for Tiny Tots - this is supposed to be for K but whether I'll get it finished in time for her to wear remains to be seen. It took me some time to get the measuring right - the gauge is all over the place; it worked up a lot bigger than I'd thought it would, but a swift bit of frogging has got it to a reasonable chest measurement which should still fit her next summer (ahaha, if we get a summer ever again). It's a really simple pattern, worked side to side and buttoned up to form a tube, so in theory I could make any size I like - I'm just a bit dubious about getting the length right. I've no idea how tall K will grow by next year. Oh well, it might fit D in years to come!

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