Monday 19 October 2009

80's Fantasy Film Swap - sent!

Finally I've sent my swap parcel off to Fraggie Rocks - so embarrassing to be this late but I do have a good reason which I may explain some way down the line. Here it is:

Each parcel has a label attached to it - the two Seawood Designs ones are gifts/stash from me, of course, the rest are as follows...

"Love Hoggle xx"
"We got him! Love Flash"
"Keep it safe - Jen & Kira"
"Best wishes from Santa Carla - Michael & Sam Emerson"

You can probably guess from those which films I was inspired by - but can you guess what might be in them? I'll reveal all when I know Amiee's received it safely!

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Unknown said...

Oh my oh my I am excited! It looks so good I cant wait xx